Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
February 18, 2019

End of the line: Countering A Global Risk

Juniper's SRX Series Gateways combine security, routing, switching, and WAN interfaces with next-generation firewall and advanced threat mitigation capabilities.
With outdated security infrastructure no longer able to handle expanding network perimeters, speeds and evasive threats, the World Economic Forum has again named large-scale cyber-attacks as one of the globe’s five greatest challenges.
Last year’s cyber-attacks on both public and private institutions and businesses resulted in numerous data breaches, with millions - if not billions - of individual’s data affected. The vast majority of respondents (82%) in the Global Risks Report 2019 expected the risk of cyber-attacks leading to theft of money and data to increase, with 80% believing they would disrupt operations this year. The danger is exacerbated by an over-reliance on end-of-life firewalls that place entire organizations at risk.
Upgrading to the Juniper Networks SRX Next Generation Firewalls adds powerful protection for data centers and campuses while liberating security professionals from the time-consuming maintenance that can drain their operational efficiency. Juniper Connected Security turns the SRX Next Generation Firewall into a key enforcement point for security with policy-based automation to ensure fast remediation of threats. This simplifies overall security operations and ensures best use for operational expertise in the security team.
Another layer of defense is added by Juniper Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, which uses machine learning to detect and stop never-before-seen malware before it hits its target. With small enterprise SRX Security Appliances, security teams also gain the ability to secure high volumes of east-west traffic.
The SRX Series range of firewalls are designed to meet the varying needs of any organization. The SRX300 line combines next-generation firewall and advanced threat mitigation with routing, switching, and WAN interfaces for distributed enterprise locations. With the same great features, the SRX550 is ideal for securing medium-to-large branch locations. Meanwhile, for the enterprise campus edge, data center edge or as a branch router, the SRX1500 is the ideal high-performance, low-latency firewall.
Upgrading to the latest SRX Series firewalls is also better for the environment, with the SRX1500 reducing operational expenditure by using less energy than older models. Organizations employing legacy firewalls can easily migrate to Juniper’s next-generation SRX Security appliances to gain comprehensive, simplified security.
If you are an existing user of a NetScreen or Legacy SRX firewall, download our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about elevating your organization’s security posture.
If your current firewall is due for an upgrade, download our Buyer’s Guide to learn more about Juniper’s SRX firewalls.