Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
Senior Strategy Director Juniper Networks
August 13, 2018

Crypto Combat on the Air

While in Singapore to speak at RSA Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan, Laurence Pitt - Juniper Networks’ Global Security Strategy Director – visited MoneyFM 89.3 to discuss the dangers of cryptojacking and cryptocurrency mining.
Speaking with the station’s Howie Lim, Laurence explored ransomware’s evolution into a major global threat, and how the anonymity of cryptocurrencies is allowing criminals to easily monetize malware and target organizations during very specific circumstances.
“The majority of malware and phishing attacks, particularly ransomware, will try to execute at the most inconvenient time for the business… around four o’clock on a Friday afternoon when people are most likely to just pay,” he said.
With today’s IT environment more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks, Laurence assured listeners of the ‘Midday with Howie Lim’ programme that by learning about the fundamental dangers of cryptocurrency malware, they could begin to enact personal safety precautions online.
“If someone asked me what I should do to be better protected, I would say, establish what the security posture is for your business. Understand what the baseline is on a normal day, and when something becomes abnormal, you’ll see it very quickly,” said Laurence, adding: “I would highly recommend, as a small business, taking advice from professionals.”
Hear Laurence’s full radio interview with MoneyFM 89.3 here.
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