Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
July 24, 2018

Inside Asia’s ‘Threat Alert Fatigue’ Epidemic

By managing ever-growing clusters of disparate cyber security tools, Asia’s enterprises have overburdened themselves with the endless task of filtering through floods of daily threat alerts, according to a new Ovum white paper.
As cyber criminals discover new ways to mount attacks and respond in real time to emerging revenue opportunities, enterprise decision-makers have responded by deploying patchworks of new security solutions. Over time, this leads organizations towards an estate of siloed security products, each reporting to their own separate dashboards.
This ‘swivel-chair’ approach has given APAC’s security teams the increasingly complex challenge of monitoring multiple consoles and cross-referencing between incongruent screens and information formats.
While 83% of the Ovum survey’s respondents had 50 or less tools deployed, over half of the companies with 1,000 or more branches in operation around APAC said they were managing over 100 tools. When asked how they were managing so many different tools, 42.9% of survey respondents said they relied on a separate management console for each tool.
As the number and variety of threats mushroom, the survey found that security teams have become physically unable to respond in an appropriate way to the ones that matter, with 42.3% of respondents saying they deal with more than 50 alerts each day.
However, this challenge is compounded by the survey’s finding that most of these alerts were not important enough to merit further action. Nearly two thirds of respondents said 10% or less of the alerts they receive each day are legitimate ones that require further investigation.
Ovum’s white paper points to a clear requirement both for more centralized management of enterprise security infrastructure and help with prioritizing and managing incoming alerts for relevance. You can also hear more on the findings from the Ovum research in a recent podcast by Andrew Milroy, Ovum’s Head of Consulting for APAC.

Download our infographic that summarizes the key findings of an independent survey conducted by Ovum of 350 IT decision makers throughout 11 countries in APAC.
Download one or more of Ovum’s white paper on ‘Enterprise cybersecurity adoption trends across APAC.