Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
February 18, 2019

End of the Line: Only 20% of Asia’s Organizations Protected

Many of today’s threats are making existing firewalls obsolete. No longer can organizations depend on aging security investments to defend them, a new Ovum whitepaper has warned. The report finds that a staggering 80% of Asia’s enterprises urgently need to update and upgrade their cybersecurity postures to a level of adequate defense.
What has changed in the past five years?
While DDoS, ransomware and Advanced Persistent Threats did exist back in 2013, their sources were more predictable and far less widespread than they are today. At the time, defense focused on signature-based defense with basic firewalls, network security and secure content management.
Five years ago, ransom demands often claimed to be from law enforcement, but this had become less common by 2016. Following an explosion of new ransomware families, attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya made front-page headlines last year by stopping business critical activities for some of the world’s largest organizations.
What does Ovum recommend?
Given that legacy signature-based tools only protect against known threats, Ovum recommends that organizations work with third-parties to evaluate their current cybersecurity posture and identify vulnerabilities. The white paper suggests replacing outdated firewalls as they increase the risks faced by organizations and their maintenance and management takes valuable resources away from security teams.
In order to be adequately protected, Ovum suggests that organizations move the first line of defense away from vital assets and expand to cover mobile and remote end users and connected devices, which are outside the traditional network perimeter.
While attackers use automated, polymorphic malware, leaked exploits and stolen data to bypass security, Ovum observes security teams struggling with too much data and tools that don’t speak to each other. The report pin-points a critical need for such tools as cloud security solutions, end point security, advanced persistent threat solutions, and AI-based threat hunting, to become more agile and adaptive in their security postures, and to protect against emerging threats.
For recommendations on staying protected in an expanding threat landscape, download Ovum’s new White Paper.