Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
Global Cybersecurity Director Juniper Networks
August 20, 2018

Plan, Build and Operate with Juniper Professional Services

Helping organizations to assess, design, deploy and operate network solutions, Juniper Professional Services is the hot topic of The Shield Podcast’s latest episode.
“We like to follow a common methodology,” explains Juniper’s Global Cybersecurity Director, Senthil Nithiyananthan, on the podcast. “What assets need protection, what safeguards are available, what techniques can identify incidents, what techniques can contain incidents and once compromised, how do we restore capabilities?”
Juniper Professional Services identify impact throughout an organization; from reputational damage to loss of confidence and market opportunities, legal and regulatory impact, and – of course – operational impact.
“However, managing risk doesn’t mean that CISOs suddenly have a blank check to solve all the problems,” adds Senthil. “If a customer spends around $3 to $5 on opex for every dollar worth of capex, our approach is to focus on saving 10 cents/ dollar on the opex side as it really adds up over the equipment’s 3- to 5-year life span.”
The global Juniper Professional Services team is made up of consultants and architects with more than 20 years’ experience and over a thousand completed security projects, including more than 700 enterprise transformation projects, in the last five years.
Senthil recently hosted a session at RSA Conference 2018 Asia Pacific & Japan. See what he had to say in this highlight video.
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