Securing Public and Hybrid Clouds with a Single System

Digital disruptions have forced enterprises to embrace cloud to deliver agile services in a dynamic way. Today, majority of enterprises have extended their perimeters into the public cloud and to partner eco systems. The castle and moat model, where multiple borders ensure end to end security, is no longer relevant. We need to create both virtual and physical infrastructures to protect data and prevent intrusion, yet provide that single pane of glass that gives a unified view of the security pos ... Read More >

The Case Against Typical Infrastructure and Security Products

Network deployments have significantly changed over the past decade. Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud and adopting new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and block chain, all of which are heavily dependent on the network. Challenge These same enterprises are also increasing spending on security to protect new and existing infrastructure, but the breaches continue unabated. Internal records and customer information are still being stolen and sold to the highest bidder, caus ... Read More >

5 Internal Cybersecurity Challenges of Digital Cohesion

In an age of rapid technological advancement, business environments are disrupted daily. However, the fundamentals of competitive advantage remain constant: speed to market is paramount, and information is a key asset that must be closely guarded. Information security, or rather network security in today’s context, is therefore indispensable. ... Read More >