Editor, The Shield Juniper Networks
July 26, 2017

Real-World Use Case on Migrating to a Secure Hybrid Cloud

With the proliferation of cloud technologies, enterprises have turned to hybrid cloud architectures to attain the flexibility and economic benefits of the public cloud whilst enjoying the features and capabilities of the private cloud. However, migrating to a hybrid cloud model with traditional firewalls presents its own set of challenges, including low performance, limited security, and poor VPN performance.
The poor suitability of traditional firewalls for hybrid cloud environments has created an immediate need for a high-performance, space-efficient NGFW solution. Beyond management ease, the solution must provide complete visibility and comprehensive security, offer secure VPN capabilities across enterprise private and public cloud deployments, and allow enterprises to securely migrate to a hybrid cloud model.
Whether it be enterprise expansion (such as adding a new private data centre to a different geography) or leveraging public cloud benefits (such as distributing workloads across geographical locations), Juniper’s SRX4000 line of Services Gateways are best suited for hybrid cloud architectures within private enterprise data centres, campuses, and regional headquarters.
Take for example an e-commerce enterprise with its own physical data centre, seeks global expansion. It requires a new private data centre with high-performance next-generation firewalls and multiple public data centres with virtual firewalls deployed for remote and small offices. In addition, it also needs application visibility and control, intrusion prevention, URL filtering, advanced anti-malware protection, and secure VPN connectivity between its HQ and other locations.
Or consider maybe a video streaming enterprise that predicts an increase in viewership in some countries at a specific time. It needs to be able to provide a high-quality user experience in a cost-efficient manner without compromising customers. The data centre must be able to quickly scale up or down, based on user demand. Loss of service due to failures of any kind, or leakage of copyrighted content or customer details is definitely unacceptable.
Juniper’s solutions are designed for high-performance security environments and seamless integration of networking, along with advanced malware detection with Juniper Sky™ Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP), application visibility and control, and intrusion prevention.
For the e-commerce enterprise, all SRX Series NGFWs connect to the advanced threat defense system in the cloud (Juniper Sky ATP) and receive the latest threat information to detect zero-day attacks. Connection between the private cloud, public cloud or the enterprise edge can protected by IPsec VPN tunnel provided by vSRX virtual firewall or the SRX4100/4200 series firewall.
For the video streaming company, a vSRX Virtual Firewall is installed between the virtual private cloud (VPC) and Internet gateway of each Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployment to secure the instances and applications in the VPC. The vSRX is also used for IPsec VPN termination, multisite VPN, and Network Address Translation (NAT) gateway functionality to facilitate and complement the AWS deployment.

Find out how Juniper SRX solutions can secure your enterprise hybrid cloud while keeping operation cost down.

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