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Vice President Channels & Alliances Juniper Networks
December 11, 2017

VansonBourne Research: Stay Ahead of Cybercrime

An alarming 69% of IT and security professionals are reporting that current cybersecurity solutions are simply not working, while 43% say that cybercrime is developing at a much faster rate than security tools, finds a new independent study from Vanson Bourne.
With cybercrime forecast to become a USD 2.1 trillion business by 2019, frustration is growing among security experts as their organizations invest huge sums of money in cyber-defense, only to discover they have left themselves vulnerable to attack.
The Juniper-commissioned study interviewed 400 IT and security professionals in organizations across the U.S., EMEA and APAC, that have more than 500 employees from a wide range of industries in the public and private sector.
As fears grow, 71% of them reported data loss as their most critical security concern, while three in five reported phishing (59%) and ransomware (55%) as major security concerns for their organization.
The trend of cybersecurity tools being one step behind their adversaries has left organizations at continuous risk of being breached, and solutions failing to deliver on their promises. As a result, organizations are suspended in a state of thinking that they have all bases covered, when in actual fact cyber threats are entering through the back door.
“With cybercrime forecast to become a
USD 2.1 trillion business by 2019,
frustration is growing among security experts...”
“The strategy that we’ve been seeing – of piecing together a multitude of individual security tools – is clearly leaving gaps in defenses, and creating complex environments that put more pressure on already overloaded security teams,” explained Juniper’s Vice-President of Channels & Alliances, Ashish Dawan, on Episode 2 of The Shield Podcast. “To protect their business and pave the way for innovation, security professionals should take a new approach to security management. One that is unified, automated, intelligent and consistent across any environment.”

Download the infographic on Understanding the Threats and Fortifying Your Defenses here.

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