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March 12, 2017

The Case Against Typical Infrastructure and Security Products

Updated, 15th February 2018, this article features a recent Infographic and Solution Brief, which highlights those enhancements made to our SDSN solution.
Network deployments have significantly changed over the past decade. Businesses are rapidly moving to the cloud and adopting new technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) and block chain, all of which are heavily dependent on the network.
Challenge These same enterprises are also increasing spending on security to protect new and existing infrastructure, but the breaches continue unabated. Internal records and customer information are still being stolen and sold to the highest bidder, causing irreparable damage to corporate reputations. Key stakeholders are faced with the realization that their considerable investments in popular security products have still not yielded the promised protection. This is because typical infrastructure and security products have the following issues:
  1. Firewalls preventing the client from reaching outside the corporate network are ineffective and do not protect against lateral threat propagation.
  2. The inability of security solutions to communicate with, and leverage networking components reduces visibility and restricts the number of enforcement points.
  3. Failure to aggregate reports of abnormal behaviour from different knowledge sources such as logging servers, endpoints, and other network elements is a significant weakness in ecurity strategy.
  4. Since the security strategy is heavily firewall focused, the complexity of firewall policies can easily overwhelm security teams; this problem is amplified when the enterprise has lobal footprint.
“Internal records and customer
information are still being stolen
and sold to the highest bidder”
Solution This is where Juniper Networks Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) takes enterprise security to the next level. It delivers the end-to-end network visibility enterprises need to secure the entire network, physical and virtual, by leveraging cloud economics to find and stop threats faster.
The unified SDSN platform combines policy, detection, and enforcement with a comprehensive product portfolio that centralizes and automates security to deliver the following benefits:
  • Better and more accurate threat detection
  • Global policy management and threat analytics across different ecosystems
  • Granular quarantine capabilities enabled by a greater number of security enforcement points in the network
  • Rapid and automated threat remediation
SDSN in Action Businesses must take a synergistic approach that leverages network and security elements equally in an open, multivendor ecosystem with centralized policy, analytics, and management—to transform their traditional network into a secure network.

Download an infographic on SDSN here.

To find out more about the building blocks of Juniper’s SDSN and how it provides the security your network really needs, download the solution brief.